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Spring Break, Homestead Edition

This week proved once again (and still) how awesome the boys are.  I am officially 8 3/4 months pregnant and in this state it could be a real drain to have two rambunctious kids running round for ten days, but true to form the… Continue Reading “Spring Break, Homestead Edition”

It’s a… Middle Finger!?

My husband and the boys had me brainwashed into thinking it was going to be a boy.  All the conversations we had about the new baby used the pronoun “he.”  My husband kept insisting that he “only makes boys” (he was kidding, kind of) and with two… Continue Reading “It’s a… Middle Finger!?”

A Day Of Rest

Fall is here!  Mornings on the homestead now necessitate a hat and sweatshirt. The first tree in the yard has turned. Most fall days are spent preparing for the coming cold but since Sunday is a day of rest; I will.   It is good to reflect… Continue Reading “A Day Of Rest”

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