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(A LONG Over Due) Apiary Update.

Talking with my mom a few days ago she asked how the bees were doing and I realized I had not written about them in a great while.  This does not mean that our hive life has been uneventful only that I have not gotten… Continue Reading “(A LONG Over Due) Apiary Update.”

Are You Checking Out My Package?

Well You Should. Actually it’s packages. Filled with bees.  Are you impressed yet?! No, fine. I was pretty pleased yesterday when I got to pick up my bee packages from Sparky’s honey and syrup.  In contrast to a nuclease- a package of bees contains… Continue Reading “Are You Checking Out My Package?”

Oh the Bee-manity!

Well… The bees did not make it through the winter.  I am not really surprised and neither are my bee mentors who have lost a few hive themselves this year. A bee can only preform cleansing flights when the outside temp is above 50 or… Continue Reading “Oh the Bee-manity!”

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