Photo Challenge 2016- Friends

I have been blessed throughout my life with great friends.  In my early adulthood; I was elated to find that my family and I all had/have, true and close friendships filled with love and silliness. When I widen my focus I see many life long connections with amazing people. I had the great fortune to meet and marry my... Continue Reading →

TBT-Why High School is NOT the Best Time in Your Life

Like so many kids past, present and (unfortunately) future, being bullied was a huge part of my school career.  I will not say that I was a "victim" even though my experiences lasted years and were definitely on the extreme end of the scale. To call myself a victim gives the thoughtless actions of others more power... Continue Reading →

TBT-Ode to my sister or an elaborate excuse to tell a funny puke story. You decide.

The Little One One of my earliest memory from childhood is of playing on the floor by an old wooden lamp stand we had in the living room.  My parents came into the room and towered over me, backlit by the bank of windows on the far wall. “Honey,” they said. I looked up from... Continue Reading →

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