Coolest. Person. Ever.

My sister is the most incredible, amazing, inspirational, kick-ass person you will ever meet. Yes, I am bias but I assure you- the statement is true none the less.  Allow me to justify my position. I have written about the 'Little One' a few times before.  She has made a life for herself outside of our family... Continue Reading →

TBT-Ode to my sister or an elaborate excuse to tell a funny puke story. You decide.

The Little One One of my earliest memory from childhood is of playing on the floor by an old wooden lamp stand we had in the living room.  My parents came into the room and towered over me, backlit by the bank of windows on the far wall. “Honey,” they said. I looked up from... Continue Reading →

Dead things in mail, Camping with Team Squeam and the Wonderful World of T’n’A

The sun warmed my face and the sandy wind stung my skin all at the same time, I tasted salt and inhaled the sea.  The surf resounded inside my head like empty sea shell waiting for new purpose.  The feeling of home these things inspire is overpowering. It is not attached to a structure but... Continue Reading →

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