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The Bean Pumpkin-Vs-The Trellis

Final score: Pumpkin- 1 Trellis- 0 Midsummer we noticed a volunteer pumpkin plant had sprouted off the deck and promptly gotten confused.  It climbed the fence and closed the gap between the deck’s fence and the bean trellis. This closed off the path we had been using to… Continue Reading “The Bean Pumpkin-Vs-The Trellis”

September’s flower: Morning Glory

Even though I didn’t plant any this year, they are blooming all over the yard from last- with some scarlet runner beans for good measure. Along with more of our confused ‘bean’ pumpkin. Have a great day!

Now And Then.

Now.. And then. The pumpkin/melon patch started in the green house. But it could not contain the awesomeness!

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