The Bean Pumpkin-Vs-The Trellis

Final score:

Pumpkin- 1

Trellis- 0

Midsummer we noticed a volunteer pumpkin plant had sprouted off the deck and promptly gotten confused.  It climbed the fence and closed the gap between the deck’s fence and the bean trellis. DSCF8380 This closed off the path we had been using to get to the front garden.  Instead of repositioning it we just started going around.  After awhile we noticed that a pumpkin was starting to grow about four feet up. DSCF8610 “Aww.”  We thought “look at that cute little squash.”  It grew and grew. IMG_0361 …and grew. IMG_0362 And grew-

This was pretty nifty to watch but as time went on I became concerned it was going to demolish the rickety old trellis.  It was well worn and had come with the house. IMG_0540 Yesterday it finally did just that, breaking the wood of the slat it was resting on. Fortunately my ever watchful husband saw this change and cut it down before it fell down and smashed on the rocks below. Now it sits with the rest of the pumpkin harvest (so far) that now take up most of the stairs of the deck. These have been carefully arranged by the oldest munchkin and will now have to be rearranged, I am sure. IMG_0621 It’s the biggest so far!  We only have one other large pumpkin to go and a BUNCH of the little sugar pie pumpkins in the front patch (as well as more on the other side of these steps.) That should take care of our holiday pumpkin needs nicely. Thank you crazy squash plant for keeping the garden interesting!

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