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A World in the Weeds

I have worked in restaurants my whole life. Till the little monster was born almost two years ago, my life revolved around executing meal services. Front and back, top to bottom. I have held every position possible in the industry from dishwasher to department… Continue Reading “A World in the Weeds”

On Giving and Getting

More then a decade ago, this picture was taken.  I was a line cook on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf in a high-end Mexican restaurant.   I would come in first thing in the morning, prep for the day, work the line at lunch and stay… Continue Reading “On Giving and Getting”

The Dream & The Wait

We will start with the dream, because that came first (5 years ago and a lifetime before that.)  During that time of trial that followed, Em and I put it out to the universe- we want our own place.  An opportunity to showcase all… Continue Reading “The Dream & The Wait”

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