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Gruesome Gratitude

All night I tossed the turned, dreaming fitfully of the morning’s macabre task.  Each time I woke- my stomach dropped as I realized it had been a dream and the deed still lay before me. I woke up before dawn and headed out to… Continue Reading “Gruesome Gratitude”

“Hey Guys, We Have Wings!!!”

I mentioned earlier, that having the chickens and ducks outside the front door has been pretty awesome.   Most of the time everyone gets along well and this is the first winter in years I have not been running two different coops. They get… Continue Reading ““Hey Guys, We Have Wings!!!””

A Murder Mystery, Most Fowl.

Living close to the land reminds you constantly that death is a daily part of life.  The best example of this has been our experiences with the flock(s.) Our first young flock was decimated by a family of raccoons; two springs ago. One night 17 dead chickens. There… Continue Reading “A Murder Mystery, Most Fowl.”

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