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Gruesome Gratitude

All night I tossed the turned, dreaming fitfully of the morning’s macabre task.  Each time I woke- my stomach dropped as I realized it had been a dream and the deed still lay before me. I woke up before dawn and headed out to… Continue Reading “Gruesome Gratitude”

TBT- Time is never on sale. Get It While You Can!

One year ago, (now 3) I drove across town with the boys in blissful ignorance of what the day would bring. We were on a mission to find post-Thanksgiving donuts to round out our holiday gluttony. As we passed the lake; I saw that it was… Continue Reading “TBT- Time is never on sale. Get It While You Can!”

A Quick Pumpkin Hack.

Our Sugar Pumpkin harvest left us with an issue. I wanted to get into all those little pumpkins, save the seeds to plant and cook the flesh, without making a huge pupkiny mess I would have to clean up. When it comes to cooking pumpkin,… Continue Reading “A Quick Pumpkin Hack.”

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