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Photo Challenge 2016- Outline

Sheep ATTACK!!! Most days when the sheep are done munching around the yard they come to the sliding glass door and try to get in.  Sometimes they just lay down and wait for someone to notice them. Other times they will knock on the glass with… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Outline”

A Daisy Story

That last photo prompt; tension, got me thinking of a story I have been meaning to put down for more than a year.  I have written quite a bit about Lulu’s early life and drama but I have not said much about our other sheep,… Continue Reading “A Daisy Story”

I Spoke Too Soon…

Some days are not as fun as others and some downright F*cking suck.  This Tuesday was one of the latter. We were so excited about our new family members but the excitement was short lived.  Tuesday morning, I went out to tend the lambs and my… Continue Reading “I Spoke Too Soon…”

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