What does a birthday become after a person’s life is done?

Does it transform into a day to mourn the last?

I don’t know what to do- where to begin the task.

The only direction I have to look now is back.

I do know that death brings more than we bargain for.

Each day there is something new to see.

The world abounds with mines and reminders of all that will never be.

What does a birthday become after a person is gone?

A reminder to move on?

I think, about that I am wrong.

Maybe this first will be the hardest one.

And maybe this ache has just begun.

What does his birthday become when your Dad is gone?

A day to remember all the fun.

All the birthdays we have done.

A reminder that I only had the one.

What does your birthday become when your life is done?

A new appreciation for each rising sun.

Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you.