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Best Present EVER!

This week is my birthday and yesterday I got the most amazing gift I have ever received. We have a tradition of handmade gifts here on the homestead.  Money is always tight and gifts are usually better when thought and effort create them, rather than a factory somewhere… Continue Reading “Best Present EVER!”

“Growing Old Is Mandatory Growing Up Is Optional.”

Today is my birthday. I am 31! My thirties have yet to come with the anxiety, doubt and depression promised to me by sitcoms and TV movies.  My biological clock is not thudding in my ears (but that could be because I DO have… Continue Reading ““Growing Old Is Mandatory Growing Up Is Optional.””

What does it become?

What does a birthday become after a person’s life is done? Does it transform into a day to mourn the last? I don’t know what to do- where to begin the task. The only direction I have to look now is back.

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