The places I found you.

I went for a dive today,

hoping to find you along the way.

I took the back roads and chose the path.

Hoping to find you somewhere,

maybe on some mountain’s pass.

What I discovered was exactly as I had feared.

That you were no longer here,

but I knew that from the start.

You told me how this would go,

all those years ago.

And you were just where you said you would always be,

safe inside of me.

That tinny little spark.

The one that was there from the start.

What I found today, is that nothing really has be lost along the way.

Everything that you ever were to me- you still are.

only now your physicality is far.

The pain is dwarfed but the comfort I received,

when I realized that you still live in me.

That I am you.

That you are me,

and you are not as distant as you seemed to be.

This pain makes life sweet.

I know that one day, again we will meet.

All will be as it has been,

and we will be together again.

Until that time,

I will not squander what is left of mine.

I will just take you along,

sitting where you always have- I will try not to be so sad.

Because you are still here.

As long as I keep the space clear,

you will always be near.

To listen, to love, to hear.

As I move forward without fear.

I love you dad!

Many happy trails along your way!

Framed by his own work
Framed by his own work

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