Pictures From Acton In Autumn

I have not really been taking too many pictures of the fall foliage here, mostly because I am too busy gawking at it.  My commute takes me along the back roads and past some of the most amazing views from my car window.

Everyday there is a further shift toward red or gold.  Each individual tree is progressing toward nakedness.  Our yard started the month green and will be bear now in a matter of weeks.

The oak trees at the view from the top of the mountain over Great East Lake are rusting, setting off the blue from the water and sky.

From the top of the mountain.
From the top of the mountain.

I took these in mirrors that are being processed up at the studio for a different perspective.

It feels futile to take pictures that will never quite do the scene justice.  That is why I don’t have a bunch more.  The problem is not that “if you have seen one you have seen them all” it is the exact opposite- if that makes any seance.

Each moment in time is in motion.  Nothing is still.  This is autumn in Maine and it is awesome!

What say you?

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