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Photo Challenge 2016- Rich

Drained and tired, I started the car and pointed it south. Clocked out and homeward bound. The day’s events rolled around my head, a tango of worry and stress. My music played with no-one listening to it. I had no room for the lovely sounds, only… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Rich”

Down By The Trading Post.

I could be wrong, but I think that our little Maine town has exactly one of everything- a town hall, fire station, school (grades k-8,) post office, two church and a trading post. The trading post is the only store IN Acton.  The closest grocery store to… Continue Reading “Down By The Trading Post.”

Pictures From Acton In Autumn

I have not really been taking too many pictures of the fall foliage here, mostly because I am too busy gawking at it.  My commute takes me along the back roads and past some of the most amazing views from my car window. Everyday… Continue Reading “Pictures From Acton In Autumn”

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