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Shit Sandwich Part 3-The Spicy Pepper Anger Sauce

Shit Sandwich Part 3-The Spicy Pepper Anger Sauce

Some people skip this ingredient on their sandwich. Many folks only have a couple angry spaces they have to pass through in their grieving, and some of us get extra.

Shit Sandwich Part Two- The Meat. 

Let’s talk about death, shall we? 

Hey wait, where are you going? 

Why does everyone do that?!

In this sandwich metaphor I’m embracing, it should be no surprise that the meat of this process is the grieving, and that meat is raw.

Everywhere I look, there she is.

Since she was born, it’s always been this way. During our childhood everywhere I looked in our small house there was a reminder of my sister. As we grew, the physical there-ness of her was inescapable. We shared a bed for many, many years and… Continue Reading “Everywhere I look, there she is.”

Gaia’s Grief

Mama Gaia was almost ready! The deep blue ocean teemed with life. The mountains all lush and green, ready to provide food, shelter and medicine.  All the other creations waited patiently for their new brothers and sisters.  Humans.

A Father’s Day Flower For My Daddy

I have managed to maintain my cherub like demeanor pretty well these past couple weeks.  I felt accomplished to be so at peace with beginning the LONG process of placing my dad’s ashes.    His birthday was last Monday and until today I was holding up REALLY well. Two days… Continue Reading “A Father’s Day Flower For My Daddy”

On The Road Again

Since my dad passed two years ago a great many things have changed. Most of these differences have nothing to do with my dad or his death.  In some ways that makes his absence that much more surreal.  In the uncharted country of time yet to come,… Continue Reading “On The Road Again”

Time is never on sale. Get It While You Can!

One year ago, I drove across town with the boys in blissful ignorance of what the day would bring. We were on a mission to find post-Thanksgiving donuts to round out our holiday gluttony. As we passed the lake; I saw that it was on… Continue Reading “Time is never on sale. Get It While You Can!”

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