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Is and Isn’t

Last week, a beloved friend of mine posted a beautiful letter to her mother on the second anniversary of her death. I tried to think exactly how long it had been since my dad passed, and I couldn’t do it.  Was it 2012? Or… Continue Reading “Is and Isn’t”

On The Road Again

Since my dad passed two years ago a great many things have changed. Most of these differences have nothing to do with my dad or his death.  In some ways that makes his absence that much more surreal.  In the uncharted country of time yet to come,… Continue Reading “On The Road Again”

My First Year Without A Father.

The end of November will mark one year since my dad passed unexpectedly. It has been the first year of my life I didn’t have a dad ready at hand.  Just a phone call away.  Not that I called all the time.  I am… Continue Reading “My First Year Without A Father.”

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