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Welcome Home!

If you are one of the many people to responded our lost cat post a few days ago with prayers and wishes for her safe return, it seems that they worked!

A Familiar Loss

Since the death of my dad last fall, my choices have catapulted our lives into a bittersweet mix of trial and change. Some good some bad, all different. The homestead has had many births and new beginnings but today I fear we must again morn one of… Continue Reading “A Familiar Loss”

This isn’t a post. it is a cry for help.

Just in case I am found dead in our house, tied up with yarn and covered with small puncture wounds and scratches- you will know what happened. Luna did it. I am beginning to suspect that our cat, Luna blames me for winter.  This… Continue Reading “This isn’t a post. it is a cry for help.”

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