Throwback Wednesday (Yes, I am THAT impatient!)

I wrote this two years ago after our trip back home for our West Coast wedding blessing ceremony.  It was the first time we got to show the boys where they were born and the last time they saw my dad, their "Grandpa Wise-man" (a title he gave himself for his step-grandkids) Looking back I... Continue Reading →

And Now, A Word From My Husband- “Giving In To Realizing Your Abilities.” (Written By Ryan)

I am not a person who needs attention.  I actually enjoy anonymity. I don't like to toot my own horn or say "I am the best!"  But I feel like I have achieved something and am proud to have done so. I also don't like putting myself out there- especially on the web but I want to preserve the rethinks that have... Continue Reading →

The Bean Pumpkin-Vs-The Trellis

Final score: Pumpkin- 1 Trellis- 0 Midsummer we noticed a volunteer pumpkin plant had sprouted off the deck and promptly gotten confused.  It climbed the fence and closed the gap between the deck's fence and the bean trellis. This closed off the path we had been using to get to the front garden.  Instead of repositioning it we just... Continue Reading →

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