Photo Challenge- Extra

Extra. Currently,  the word evokes strong- conflicting emotions. There is a constant battle inside my head over how I perceive my reality and judge my efforts. It seems like there is never enough.  Not time, money, energy or anything for that matter.  Any effort that's exerted, comes up short.  My schedule is filled with 'those days.'  The ones... Continue Reading →

Fort McClary

Kittery, Maine. We wandered, caressing the ruins. Touching stone hewn before our grandparents were born. Feeling the marks left by long dead hands and looking to the eternal sea. The silence broken only by the conversation between the ravens and waves. While we witnessed time devouring history. and descend; into a passage that took us back, to the light... Continue Reading →

The Rose That Bloomed Under a Stone

While tending the garden I discovered a stone had trapped a rose below. Forced to the earth, there was nowhere for it to go. The prisonoer did not mind its situation of woe, and instead had chosen simply to grow. Today, I found a bloom crushed to the ground, and I learned; sometimes lost is found. When all else fails,  bloom... Continue Reading →

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